Replacement Balances

Window Sash Balance Replacement (Type R) for Wood Windows

Pullman replacement sash balances are the easiest way to replace sash springs or original double-hung window sash weights, chains and pulleys. Installation can be completed without removing the window sash via a mounted bracket on top of the sash.


Replacement Sash Balance Part Numbers

Pullman replacement window balancer is available for window sash weights between 4 and 13 pounds. To determine window sash weight, place any ordinary household or bathroom scale on the sill and lower the sash until its full weight is recorded.

X-Ray View

X-Ray View of Spring Counterbalance

Weight Per Sash (Lbs.) Balance #
5 to 7 3-R
7 to 9 4-R
9 to 11 5-R
11 to 13 6-R
Dimensions Type R
A 4 3/8"
B 15/16"
C 2 1/2"
E 2 5/8"
Tape Length 40"


  • Balances are sold individually
  • Weights are based on 2 balances per individual sash
  • For single balances divide the weight shown by 2



Installation instructions

Old House Journal Application Information: Spring Balances Bounce Back
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